We provide a wide range of of Digital Marketing Services such as Web Design and Development, eCommerce Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Bulk SMS, Email Marketing services and many more.


Web Design & Develpment

Our Design practice comprises of a blend of adaptable Grids and Layouts, Pictures and a keen utilization of Media.

The website is the door of your online business which has to be represented well. The designing work involves web designing along with the development of all the modules.


The web designing process incorporates the graphical interface of your website. Whereas web development is the backbone of your website with the core coding to hold all your web applications. 

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our digital service we do at Gladias Consulting, due to which we’re referred as best web development agency in Bangalore.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is used to show your website in the unpaid search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), and improve the visibility for the search queries. Organic Search Engine Optimization is a strategy which helps web search tools to discover and rank your webpage higher than the other site’s web pages in reply to search queries by user.


Hence SEO helps you to get the traffic from search engines. Our company has proven expertise and success in Organic SEO Services in Mysore. We empower our customers to craft their websites to enhance their marketability and rank over several search engines.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a dominant way for online businesses of all sizes to reach targeted customers, and if you’re not addressing directly, you’re missing out a lot!

As per the trusted market research, as huge as 90% of all the businesses will be adopting some form of social media for engaging with their customer for offering services.


You would have noticed that the level of activity on social media sites always keeps multiplying every single day. This suggests that the prospects to good traffic from social sites has great potential. As per the trusted market research, as huge as 90% of all the businesses will be adopting some form of social media for engaging with their customer for offering services.

You’ll risk losing your customers base if you are on the other 10% side of the story.

Social media is attracting users of all age ranges.

Pay Per Click-PPC

PPC is an internet based mode of advertising deployed to drive traffic towards your website, in which you pay the publisher which typically will be a search engine, whenever the ad is clicked by the public.

Typically the results with “ad” word mentioned on the corner of the result, above Google search results are the PPC ads and the same which appear as “sponsored “in Facebook.


PPC is a fantastic model for most types of businesses, because it’s incredibly data-driven. You have unlimited room for optimization, testing, and scaling, all of which complement any business model perfectly.

Potential Benefits Of PPC Marketing To You

  • Power: We can quickly steer a lot of traffic to your website. We manage it effectively as it is one of the fastest digital marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversion growth.
  • Accuracy: Creating a highly-targeted audience to show your ads to is straightforward—especially on Search and Shopping Networks.
  • Robust: Performance data is available almost immediately, which makes it easier to quickly make adjustments to improve your chances for a successful campaign.
  • Performance Measurement: The conversion can be tracked and thereby ROI can be monitored real time.

SMS Marketing

We Create and Execute outstanding SMS Marketing Service plan to help business grow online and achieve marketing goals.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our digital service we do, due to which we’re referred as  best sms marketing services in Mysore


Bulk SMS marketing is a wonderful tool of mass communication that allows you business owners to engage with your audience via mobile technology. In simple words text messages are designed and served to a mobile number database containing marketing material, often with a special promotion or specific targeted content.

With bulk SMS on your side, you can expect a boost in on-site metrics, sales and see an improvement customer retention rates from the moment you begin promoting your new text services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing, designed primarily to bring an audience to you, from where those people are already out searching for answers online—whether that be on search engines, video discovery platforms, social media networks or otherwise.

When we talk about content it can be as simple as charts and graphs to Product user guides, EBooks, Email Newsletters, Tool Reviews, FAQs, Q&A Sessions, Lists, Info graphics and Videos become a part of this strategy.

Each time we create content for you, we will be creating content that is more engaging to your customers, through our analytics have total clarity on what content will work and what wont, Generate more visual content, Establish more ways to re-purpose the same content and last but not least – Optimize it.

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