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How can digital marketing help doctors?

If doctors use digital marketing properly, they will be able to increase the number of potential patients who find doctors regardless of which way they look.

Digital Marketing for doctors.

  1. Your Potential Patients Are Looking for You Online. …
  2. Patients Will Remember a More User-Friendly Experience. …
  3. Saving on Costs Means You Can Provide More for Your Patients.

Why is digital marketing important to doctors?

Digital Marketing for doctors will help to improve the Patient Experience.

Not only does digital marketing make it easier for patients to find and connect with  medical brand.

It improves their experience along the way. With digital tracking systems,

Doctor can easily send out reminders, reaching out to them on important dates

How does digital marketing help  Doctors and  healthcare?

Digital marketing has availed doctors and health specialists the opportunity to showcase their service to the digital world,

beyond their locality. 

Digital marketing allows Health specialists to showcase expertise to prospective patients, build professional territory, and boost healthcare reputation

Can doctors do digital marketing?

Yes, Internet marketing for doctors does hold a lot of importance.

Marketing a doctor’s face in such a way that the patients should find it trustworthy enough to make a visit.

According to Patient Gain, only 4.3 per cent of doctors and physicians are making use of digital marketing strategies to promote themselves.

15 Steps to Grow For Clinics & Doctors Online

  • Step 1 : Market Research
  • Step 2: Create a Professional Logo & Set up a Website on WordPress
  • Step 3 : Email Marketing – Send Regular Emails to Your Existing Clients & New Leads
  • Step 4 : Write Content For Your Website & Marketing Materials
  • Step 5 : Youtube Marketing Video’s For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 6 : Facebook Marketing For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 7 : Twitter Account For Digital Marketing For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 8 : Quora Marketing For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 9 : Google Ads For Digital Marketing For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 10 : Google Analytics For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 11 : Instagram Marketing For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 12 : Pinterest Marketing For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 13 : Linkedin Marketing For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 14 : Facebook Ads For Clinic & Doctors
  • Step 15 : App Marketing For Clinic & Doctors

Step 1: Market Research of Your Clinic & Doctors

Before starting your clinic business venture or launching a new product or service, you need to determine if there is a market for your idea. Market Research is the way of gathering and analyzing of information as much as possible about your customers, the industry and your competitors. Market research is an important step in determining if there is potential demand for your product and if any changes needed to be made, your key target customers including their characteristics and preferences, what competitors are already in the marketplace including how they reach their customers and how they price their products, key industry trends that could affect demand for your product or service.

Make customer satisfaction vocal: There are two chief techniques to giving your customers more of a voice- reviews and referrals. These two things will definitely require to your customers to put forth some effort to them if you can provide incentives such as pricing reduced or extra sessions when your customers make referrals or leave reviews.

Find the Main Keywords Which Your Patients Will Be Looking For

If we target our clinical Website with these keywords then there is a chance of getting a large number of customers into our clinical website. This plays a great role in running our clinic as well. As, patients are looking for these keywords which are given below:

  • Doctors list
  • General physician near me
  • General physician in India
  • Physicians doctors near me
  • Doctors phone number
  • Best physician doctor near me
  • Top general physicians in India
  • Top 10 general physicians in India
  • Doctors in India
  • General Physician clinic in India
  • Best Doctors
  • Nearby doctors clinic
  • Top 100 clinics in India
  • Who are the best doctors near me
  • How to find a good doctor

Step 2: Set Up A Website On WordPress

Having a website on medical Word Press themes based armed with all the relevant information to target diverse groups of people and partners is a very profitable mechanism for every doctor and medical expert. WordPress online profile of a medical clinic can be easily set up, activated, maintained and progressed as per the current trends and specifications in the most quick and cost effective manner.

The benefits you will get after Set up a Website on Word Press are

  • WP Websites can be ease of use.
  • You can definitely manage your own website online.
  • You can create a blog post or new page, upload images, format text and edit them, upload documents, video files, image galleries etc all without the need of additional FTP or HTML software.
  • You have complete control of your site.
  • You can customize your website design.
  • Your website will grow up as your business grows.

Step 3: How Is Email Marketing Beneficial For Clinics & Doctors

  • You can easily attach to anyone by sending a monthly newsletter to your mailing list, reminder to patients who are due for a regular check up and notices about events to active patients. Your patients prefer to hear from you and reminder will help you from keeping them coming back to you.
  • Email helps you to connect with your patients. Promote good health practices and grow your practice.
  • Email marketing allows you to build a strong relationship with your patients while promoting your products and services in a cost effective way, which further means you accomplish more with less effort, time and money.
  • With the help of email, you can get in touch with your targeted patients without blowing your budget and you can create tailored campaigns that resonate with your patients that helps you tap into an impressive Return Over Investment (ROI).
  • It automatically sends emails which informs new patients about the benefits and value of the clinic. Doctors provide a few days before their appointment in their clinic through email marketing.

Step 4: Write Content For Your Website & Marketing Materials Of Your Clinic & Doctors

Your Clinic website is your most powerful marketing tools. Without compelling and engaging in a content, a spectacularly designed website can fall flat.

Your well crafted website content plays a huge role in attracting and educating visitors as well as maintaining search engine visibility so that users can discover you online. Regularly creating unique content for various medical practices is proven to boost rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to attract more and more patients through your clinic website. Unique content also positions your medical practice that only use template content or duplicate content.

A sharp, clean design filled with well written unique content go a long way to increase transparency and build your clinic. With the help of this, you can attract new patients or referral partners, retain existing patients, increase revenue, protect or expand market share and establish, revitalize or expand brand/brand awareness. Your medical websites of your clinic must inspire confidence as an online medical resource and not drive patients/visitors away through irritating design or how the information is presented. People expect medical websites of your clinic to be health information websites I.e you should provide them with all the information they expect to find on their health issues.

.Maintain a good relationship with your existing patients of your clinic, send reminder through email or phone, know your target audience, develop a marketing strategy of your clinic, get listed on local directories of your clinic, use visuals to attract more interest of your clinic, create or improve your clinic website are the marketing materials that will help you to attract more patients and grow your practice rapidly.

Step 5: How Is YouTube Marketing Beneficial For Doctors  & Clinics

YouTube Marketing helps you in building your clinic YouTube channel to bring awareness for your clinic and advertising through related videos and channels. It will help you in creating videos to promote your clinic practice which is the best way to capture the attention of your target audience. It is more effective when video is involved for your clinic. Video marketing for doctors creates a connection to allow patients to feel like you are speaking directly to them.

Sharing videos is an easy way to highlight both your personality and expertise which make patients feel more comfortable putting their health in your hands.

With the help of YouTube, it lets doctors to speak to patients directly through videos. It helps clinics to display their distinctions. It allows clinic brands to explain and promote their products. It helps medical non-profits appeal to donors. It lets medical professionals to provide information timely on YouTube so that patients can visit their clinic on given time. With the help of YouTube Marketing, video testimonials of your doctors and clinic will give you an opportunity to generate immediate connection, influence, feeling and authority with prospective patients.

.Step 6: How Is Facebook Marketing Beneficial For Clinics & Doctors

  • Facebook posting allows you to engage with patients who like your business clinic page. Facebook posts are especially designed for engagement.
  • Facebook apps allow you to engage with patients who visit your clinic business page. Facebook clinic business page is evolving to be a simple website for your medical practice. So each tab or the application of your clinic can be used to capture leads, book appointments and show your promotions to your patients.
  • Your Facebook presence requires a regular and active use to keep it fresh and to keep visitors engaged and vice versa in your clinic.
  • By creating a Facebook page and linking to your clinic website, blog, YouTube channel and other online locations can increase your visibility with search engines such as Google. And that increases your Clinic website page ranking which captures more visitor traffic.
  • Facebook is an advertising platform which has audiences in the millions which is a great benefit for your clinic. Facebook provides some easy to use tools to create highly targeted ads for a free. Facebook advertising for clinic can be focused according to the audience location, age and interests.

Step 7: How Is Twitter Account Beneficial For Clinics & Doctors

  • With the help of Twitter Account, you can create a Robust following strategy. Your clinic page followers increase as you begin to follow more people.
  • You can follow patients and local community members that follows you. Follow people and organizations that are relevant to your practice. Upload your email contacts to Twitter and follow your professional social circle as well as your patient population.
  • Post at least 3 times per week in the beginning and more frequently 1-3 times per day as your brand awareness of your clinic on Twitter increases.
  • Write posts related to health and wellness which would be seen as helpful or informative in the eyes of your patients.
  • Posts with images receive more likes and re-tweets than posts.
  • Many Twitter users seek posts related to a specific and adding these popular hashtags which makes your clinic posts more findable from a broader audience.
  • .Twitter feed gives a golden chance to a new patient in order to get to know about the doctor, their personality and interests.
  • Twitter provides an opportunity for health care brands to listen and respond to the patients as they can share their health struggles and steering patients to the resources as they need to improve their health.

Step 8: How Is Quora Marketing Beneficial For Clinics & Doctors

With the help of Quora Marketing, you can post your clinic related images and clinic practices so that more and more people will see your clinic features. Quora Marketing gives you an opportunity to expand their clinic practices in all over the world so that people will know about your clinic in deeply. It provides a very easy method to locate your clinic and doctors anywhere around the world. With the help of Quora Marketing, people will know about your clinic practices and can also know how was the response, ratings, no of clients visited, likes, dislikes, patients are satisfied or not in your clinic practices etc.

It will help the patients to get an answer for every questions they arise related to their health. With the help of Quora Marketing, you can answer people’s asked health related questions so that more and more patients will visit in your clinic for health practices. With the help of Quora Marketing, you can advertise or promote of your clinic in between large number of people so that your number of patients will increase day by day. You can answer every questions arising from patients in Quora Marketing so that it will keep your clinic at the top reputed and popular in between the people.

Step 9: How Is Google Ads Beneficial For Clinics & Doctors

Google Ads will get your clinic to the top of Google immediately to get new patients sooner. You can target your patients as you want within a certain geographical area.

You can schedule ads for when they are open so that the patients can call to schedule.

There are many tracking options available in Google Ads. Google refers to them as ‘Conversions’. With the help of using code provided by Google, you can easily track the success of your ads.

This includes tracking how many calls of your patients you received and whether these calls were coming from your clinic ad or from your website.

You only pay when someone click on your clinic related ads. With the help of Google Ads, you can work much faster for a business to get the much coveted first spot in search. With the help of Google Ads, you can increase your clinic brand awareness which is an efficient way to tell people about your clinic brand. Google ads pays you when someone clicks on your clinic ads. With the help of Google ads, you can attract targeted patients.

Step 10: How Is Google Analytics Beneficial For Doctors & Clinics

Google Analytics is a Google’s free web analytics service that allows you to analyze in depth detail about the number of visitors on your clinic website. It provides you valuable insights that can help your clinic to shape the success strategy of your business. It helps you to know about your clinic website traffics or number of visitors on your website so that you can convert to them. With the help of Google Analytics, you can know how many people visited on your website. It tells by which pages people are looking at.

Google Analytics provides you with an important information, numbers and statistics that you need to maximize your clinic website performance for free. It has a great feature that reduces the clinic work that is required to put Google Analytics data into Google Docs,

With the help of Google Analytics, you can build your own customized report using the drag and drop interface or you can choose one of the many reports that Google Creates.

You can better insights of what people are searching for on your clinic website. With these insights of your clinic, you can make necessary changes or additions accordingly to improve the performance of your clinic website.

Step 11: How Is Instagram Marketing Beneficial For Doctors  & Clinics

             Ways to increase Instagram followers to promote your clinic.

  • CREATE A ‘LOOK BOOK’ OF CASES- Use your Instagram feed to show off procedures of your clinics. You can capture before and after photos and then have users swipe right in the Instagram carousel to see what the ‘after’ photo looks like in your clinics.
  • USE Instagram STORIES- Instagram stories is a great way to extend your reach and give potential patients an inside scoop into what is happening in your practice of your clinic. You can show your personal things such as an employee’s birthday celebration at the office or showcase a thank you note from a patient of your clinic that you received from them. You can use Instagram stories ‘Highlights’ to save each story by the different type of procedures you offer in your clinic.
  • CAPTURE VIDEO CONTENT. If you want to dramatically increase your followers, you need to invest time into capturing video content of your clinic. The people who are the most successful person on Instagram are leveraging video and created TV channels within the Instagram ecosystem over internet. Give people a reason to tune into you and your clinic.
  • You can attract new patients with the help of Instagram Ads so that you can target your audience with quite a bit of precision.

Step 12: How Is Pinterest Marketing Beneficial For Doctors & Clinics

  • With the help of Pinterest Marketing, you can maintain dialogue with your patients. Pinterest is a highly effective way to maintain dialogue with our patients. When treatment ends, patients can feel connected to us and share that bond or connection with others. People can re-pin the image onto their own boards and some even print out the message and display it in their home or office.
  • Pinterest is all about visual images. Promoting your clinic via heart health with pictures of what to expect during a mammogram or a stress test can help to take some of the anxiety out of such tests and encourage women to make an appointment for your clinic.

Step 13: How Is Linkedin Marketing Beneficial For Doctors & Clinics

  • With the help of Linkedin, doctors can use sponsored updates to reach a wider audience. This feature allows doctors to target their updates to a specific audience which is based on location, company, industry, role and seniority which is more in-depth than segmentation on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Linkedin groups provide a right place for doctors in the same industry or with similar interests to find answers, post and view jobs, share content, make business contacts and establish themselves as industry experts. The benefits of active participation are:
  • Online connection with doctors peers
  • Self-branding and reputation management
  • Personal and professional development and education
  • Track industry ideas, trends and thought-leaders
  • Follow competitive or friendly businesses
  • Linkedin is a valuable tool for doctors to gain access to physicians on a platform where they can seen as a peer fosters in higher engagement and relationship building.

Step 14: How Is Facebook Ads Beneficial For Doctors & Clinics

  • With the help of Facebook ads, you can easily increase your online exposure and new patients by advertising on Facebook for your clinics. Through Facebook ads, anyone who has Facebook account will be well familiar to you with the sponsored posts which will appear on your Facebook wall. These have been paid by companies who are targeting your clinic.
  • Facebook ads will give you an easy option to choose your target audience including gender, age, location and even pages or activities of the users that have previously liked. It will give you the advantage of advertising on Facebook so that you can increase your number of patients for your clinic.
  • You can increase your number of patients for your clinic by spreading Facebook campaign.
  • By targeting your ideal patient, Facebook advertising allows your ads to target your patients very easily in the criteria of gender, age, location, likes/interests, job title etc.
  • With the help of Facebook ads, you can target other health care practitioners that could be a referral source for you.
  • Facebook offers amazing possibilities to get in touch and front of your ideal clients and convert them into patients. The power of Facebook ads lies in reach and targeting options available. You can target your customers by choosing options which include gender, age, interests, income level, marriage status, kids and even their preference in films.

Step 15: How Is App Marketing Beneficial For Clinics & Doctors?

  • With the help of App Marketing, you can view and schedule appointments, access PHR, monitor patients health, access telemedicine services, collect payments for services, answer health questions, send patient notifications, receive alerts and remainders, manage billing and prescriptions, access consultants notes etc.
  • You can follow-up and consult with your patients via telemedicine services like video consultants. You can collect payments which is prior to telemedicine sessions to get reimbursed for your consultations and access their health records during the session.
  • With the use of App Marketing for clinics, officials and administration can always monitor statistics like flow of funds, availability of rooms and so on. The app can automate all processes that are connected to the insurance payments and procedures.
  • Having an own app for the clinic, establishes it as technically advanced. It is very crucial for the patient to know about their life and health with the market leaders.

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